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Purple Elephant Company Information

Purple Elephant Promotions LTD. was founded in Vermont, USA in February of 1996 by 14-year industry veteran Darrell Marriott, MAS and a partner. The company was re-organized in February 2002, when a new corporation was formed with Mr. Marriott as sole owner. As other family ventures were added, a new corporate identity (Promotional Products Partners, Inc.) was created in June, 2003. Today, Purple Elephant Promotions is a Dba of Promotional Products Partners, Inc., a family owned business with sales offices in Vermont, Michigan, and Utah. Our corporate offices are approximately 20 miles Southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. We are represented in numerous communities by direct and indirect sales associates.

In addition to our company sales associates, we support the individual sales efforts of numerous “profit partners” across the U.S. These partners are small business owners who want to offer promotional products to their customers, but recognize the value of partnering with an industry leader. These partners may be local screen printers, embroiderers, sign shops, trophy shops, printers, uniform supply companies, graphic artists, advertising agencies, and others. For the most part, we are “invisible in the background” for these partners.

There are nearly 25,000 distributors of promotional products in the United States alone. These distributorships range from people in high school operating out of their cars to the select few who do hundreds of millions in sales annually and have a small army of salespeople knocking on doors and handing out catalogs. We are often asked “so what’s different about Purple Elephant Promotions?” Simply put, the promotional products industry is an easy industry to get into…and a difficult one to do well in. One of the reasons newcomers in the industry have difficulties is because there are over forty (40) different ways to decorate products that are sold in the promotional products industry, and that number grows regularly through innovation. At Purple Elephant Promotions, we have the experience it takes to understand the various decorating methods, and to coordinate your promotional items with other elements of your marketing program for increased return on your advertising investment.

Purple Elephant Promotions does business differently than most other distributors of promotional items. We do not do cold calling, period. We’ve always felt that actions speak louder than words, so we attempt to demonstrate through our own marketing materials and capabilities what you can expect us to do for you. A large portion of our business comes from satisfied customers referring their friends and associates to us. We know you have many choices in who to work with for your promotion or other use of decorated merchandise. We also know that research in human resources related to performance clearly shows the best predictor of future performance is past performance. After many years in business, we think our past performance speaks for itself.

The core difference between Purple Elephant Promotions and others is that Purple Elephant takes a marketing approach to our industry, where others focus on a simple sales approach. Others focus on what products to sell you and we don’t care what products you buy…so long as they meet or exceed your needs/opportunities for current and future marketing programs. Your promotional programs should coordinate with your colors, shapes, slogans, as well as current and future marketing goals. In addition to products, your consultant should be able to work with you on packaging and distribution issues to maximize your return on investment. They should also be able to work with you on the logistics of a company store program, safety programs, awards and incentives, or any other need you have. It doesn’t take much to hand you a catalog and ask, “what would you like to buy?” It takes marketing professionals to maximize the capabilities of the promotional products medium for you. To put it bluntly…your promotional products counselor needs to bring added value…or you no longer need them in the distribution chain from the manufacturer to you.

Purple Elephant Promotions is well versed in the depth and breadth of the promotional products industry. Like many businesses, we have our particular strengths and for us those are trade shows, company stores and not-for-profit marketing. Our business family would love to hear from you today, so we can work together as partners to create, "Promotional Products They’ll Never Forget!(R)."